“Emmy is the bestest dj ever.  You should hire her, she puts ants in your pants and makes you dance.”

  • Sam

    Emmy was the DJ for my wedding this past September.  She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Emmy has a great personality and creates great playlist’s.  She gave us a chance to listen to and edit the playlist before the big day.  Needless to say we did not need to change much.  I would highly recommend her for any event.  Emmy = awesome!! 

  • Stoller

    Emmy was quite possibly the best DJ ever! She is totally unique and will definitely be a positive part of your reception. We used Spotify to collaborate on songs and we immediately meshed with music tastes. She also did a great job being flexible – she actually went out and bought wireless speakers after we found out the day before that there would be no power at the ceremony site. Needless to say, we couldn’t be happier with our choice. Thanks Emmy!

  • Mark Rumble

    If you care about having a near perfect soundtrack for your wedding, you should hire Emmy. Here’s why:

    (Note: This is a little long, but I’m guessing anyone planning a wedding doesn’t mind reading a detailed review.)

    Background and Musical Taste
    Emmy was the DJ for my wedding in July 2013, which took place in Cleveland (and was featured in this blog post. ). I’m writing this review over a year later, because like most of the other post-wedding items on my to-do list, I’ve put them off much longer than any decent person should.

    My wife care very greatly about music and associate many of our favorite memories with songs. Selecting a DJ for our wedding was definitely a top-five item on the “big day” checklist. It also became one of the most stress-inducing decisions. Several weeks of DJ searches resulted in a dearth of potential candidates. Our ideal DJ would have an appreciation for danceable indie music (but an understanding of what constitutes approachable, i.e. no Flying Lotus deep cuts), with classic soul and rock sensibilities. (I believe everyone should reserve the right to be as picky as necessary when it comes to their wedding.)

    Of course, we also preferred someone who was an actual wedding DJ, with an understanding of timing, mood, environment, etc. Basically, the traits that separate a wedding-appropriate DJ from someone who is only used to spinning at clubs, bar and restaurants.

    Finding Emmy
    Googling “Columbus Indie Wedding DJ” led us to Emmy, and after a few clicks on her website, relief radiated from my wife and me. Perusing Emmy’s playlists, along with reading her blog posts and bio, convinced us that her musical tastes and personality were the perfect fit for the wedding we envisioned.

    Communicating with Emmy pre-wedding was easy and fun. I was able to share with her a playlist she could use for inspiration, and during phone calls with her, she asked all the right questions when it came to how the wedding cocktail hour and reception would unfold.

    The Wedding Day
    On the wedding day of my wife and I, Emmy was a true professional when it came to arriving on time, getting her equipment set up and tested, and working with hotel staff.

    As for the reception, her music selection was ideal. She played a perfect mix of indie tunes, recognizable favorites (so as not to alienate those who aren’t familiar with MGMT, vintage Pulp, Robyn, etc.), and overall, kept the dance floor full (she also had a great playlist during dinner). Most importantly, my wife and I spent a considerable amount of time dancing, not because it was our wedding and we felt obliged to, but because we just couldn’t resist. Neither my wife nor I live to dance or frequent dance clubs, but on our wedding night, almost every song that came resulted in one of us saying, “we have to dance to this.” My favorite memory was cutting a rug with my wife to “Walcott” by Vampire Weekend (I think it’s a perfect dance song), which Emmy played at peak wedding time (a little more than halfway through the reception, when everyone was feeling very, um limber, but not exhausted).

    Yeah, Emmy Is Awesome
    My wife and I loved many things about our wedding day. Neither of us could imagine it without Emmy as our DJ.

    I realize not everyone is quite as choosy about wedding reception music as I am. I realize many people are fine with a DJ who plays top-40 hits and songs that have become go-to wedding favorites. I know that if Emmy was asked to construct a more typical wedding playlist, she would be exceptional at it. But if you’re a little pickier about music and want a DJ to play songs tailored to your personality — while still maintaining the professionalism you would expect — there is no better choice than Emmy. I would recommend her to anyone.

  • Kelly Lewis

    Emmy is the greatest! She did an amazing job of playing the music we love, getting our families dancing, and guiding the reception along. She is not your normal, neon-tie DJ. You can tell that she cares deeply about the music she’s playing and she was a smart curator of our playlist. She was instrumental in creating some of my favorite moments of the night. I’ll never forget watching my husband’s little nieces and nephews dancing to “Do You Realize??” like a bunch of tiny hippies, belting out “Come On Eileen” with my bridal party, and polka dancing with my dad to “Roll Out the Barrel”. Thanks so much for making that happen Emmy!

  • Adriana LaMonte

    I cannot recommend Emmy highly enough! She was the DJ at my wedding last weekend and surpassed my expectations in every way. Throughout my wedding planning process, I kept reiterating to everyone that all I wanted was an awesome dance party; the rest of my wedding was secondary to that. Emmy took the time to meet with us in person, work with us over email, and review a Spotify playlist that we made. Then, she took it and ran at the wedding and got the most stellar results – people that I knew never danced were out there dancing! The dance floor was full the whole time! The music seemed to appeal to most people while still all fitting within the range of music that my husband and I had specified! Emmy is great to work with, and she will get you the results that you want, whatever they are! Thank you, Emmy!