Hi.  I’m Emmy, aka the Goody Two Shoes. And I want to be your wedding DJ.

I went to college for broadcasting and journalism. While most students in my program gravitated toward TV, I became obsessed with radio. In 2006, I started my own show called “Emmy Becomes Eclectic.” Each week I put together a two-hour playlist of all of my favorite songs, from indie rock to 60’s pop, from garage rock to vintage hip-hop. This began my love affair with the “perfect mixtape.”

I invested nearly all of my time in school (time that probably should have been spent on math or French homework, le sigh) creating playlists for shows meant to get people excited about different types of music. So after spending an ungodly amount of money on a private education, what I found out about myself was that I really just wanted to make mixes for anyone willing to listen. I wanted to make people dance and sing-along, and maybe pass on a cool new song or artist to someone else to appreciate.

It took me a while to form a plan, but I found a way to combine my love of unique music with my skills in broadcasting. And this is how The Goody Two Shoes was born.

I hope to get involved with people who have the same fuzzy feelings about eclectic music as I do, people who want a DJ who will work with them to design a signature playlist for their signature wedding.

Need a playlist that’s not typical and has your name written all over it? I can do that.

Your day is all about you, after all.


  • Aubrey Zeigler

    Hi Emmy!! I got your website referral from Caleb Ely! I’d love some extended info on your services!! Can you email me at aubrey.zeigler@gmail.com? PS I looked for a contact you link and I did not find anything… hope i’m not crazy 😉 Thanks!